The JM Academy 2021-22 Season Training Range is Now Out!!! 

The 2020-21 Season’s training gear looks amazing which has been designed to give a modern take on that classic kit from last year but those familiar fades on the shoulder of the T-Shirts and Jackets with the 1/4 Zip having a underarm design.

We have split the Catalogue in two which outlines Academy Bundle Pack (A) which will be compulsory to ALL registered players within the Academy. We have provided some extras that can be added to the order. More items will be added throughout the next few months. Anyone who has ordered the old gear will have upto 9 months from this date to get the new gear ordered. We are using this time as the change over period. 

So How Do We Order? 

You can simply place an order through our Beta ordering system at the bottom of this page. Just click on the “BUY NOW BUTTON