Our vision is for JM Academy Football Club to be the focus for inclusive, safe, top quality and successful football development in the local community and to increase participation and improvement in the sport at all levels and thereby encourage good health, well being and citizenship. We want to provide a professional identity and standing within the Town and continue to build on the strong relationships within the community enabling us to provide football for a wider range of people living in and around the town of Coleraine. 

To achieve this, the club needs to ensure it has a clear vision and strategy which includes specific key aims and objectives and deliverable outcomes.  This includes a plan to realise our longstanding vision of having centralised, dedicated training and playing facilities, which can be used all year round as well as being the central hub/identity of JM Academy.

The club draws the vast majority of its members from the local community Ballysally, and a local point for club members where training, matches, meetings and presentations can be held would significantly contribute to the longevity of the club, its membership, secure it’s identity and local standing within the town.  This will also enable us to run more sporting initiatives and regular/scheduled events that will develop children’s sport/activities and bring recognition to the town. It will also provide a mechanism to showcase the clubs sporting achievements