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Our Team

Our Wonderful Team

Adrian Eakin 

Hon. Club President 

Jordan Moffett 

Academy Chairman 

James Boyd 

Vice Chairman 

Clare Millen

Child Protection Officer

2021-22 Club Edition 


The Academy was formed by Jordan Moffett who in recent years coached at various different local clubs in the town. Jordan believes that everyone no matter what level of ability, race, religion or background everyone should be able to participate in action football sessions and should not be refused! 

Our Vision

Our vision is for JM Academy Football Club to be the focus for inclusive, safe, top quality and successful football development in the local community and to increase participation and improvement in the sport at all levels and thereby encourage good health, well being and citizenship. We want to provide a professional identity and standing within the Town and continue to build on the strong relationships within the community enabling us to provide football for a wider range of people living in and around the town of Coleraine.

The secret of success

The club draws the vast majority of its members from the local community Ballysally, and a local point for club members where training, matches, meetings and presentations can be held would significantly contribute to the longevity of the club, its membership, secure it’s identity and local standing within the town. This will also enable us to run more sporting initiatives and regular/scheduled events that will develop children’s sport/activities and bring recognition to the town. It will also provide a mechanism to showcase the clubs sporting achievements. 

Parent Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our Parents say:


U15s Parent

My son has been with JM academy a few weeks now and it is great to see him enjoying football again and his confidence is coming back already!! Ryan has been made feel very welcome and part of a team from the off set. Jordan has been great and very approachable nothing is a bother. Delighted to see a smile back on my sons face from football ☺️


U9s Parent

My son has been with JM academy for just over a year. He absolutely loves it. Brilliant team of coaches & players. Jason, William, James and of course Jordan. I have witnessed each coach put the time & effort in with every child. Glad my son Danny can be apart of this fantastic football club. Dannys football development has come along way since joining & keeps getting better & better. The training is superb & it’s all about the fun & enjoyment with this club Huge thank you to all at JM academy.


U6s + U15s Parent

Both my son and daughter have been involved with JMA for a few months now and absolutely love it. The time, effort and dedication that Jordan and his coaches put into the kids and their development is amazing. Not only do they sacrifice their time to train, improve and build confidence within the club and players , there are also lots of fun days and relationship building activities organised. They seem to live for the club and the kids involved in this Academy are lovely, well mannered and so welcoming. I know my children are very happy to be a part of it. Thanks Jordan, and happy 2nd birthday JMA!!!


U16s Parent

My son Brooklyn has been involved with JM Academy for just under a year. And he has loved ever moment since he has joined with Jordan and the other boys also since he’s been there Brooklyn has gained a lot of confidence and also improved his footballing skills.

Jordan and his team are second to none they are also there to give my son a helping hand with what ever problems he has and and definitely put the young ones first before anything else.

If anyone is looking to send there young ones to a football club JM Academy would be my recommendation.

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