As you will all know by now football has been suspended for almost 4 weeks by the IFA following advice from the executive. The government restrictions are due to end this Friday 13th November 2020 at 11.00pm. Obviously we would like to be in a position whereas we can confirm that the restrictions will be lifted but currently the executive are still yet to make an announcement on this issue. From previous experience, the NI executive don’t publish guidelines and information on any key restrictions until Thursday evenings and then following on from that the Irish FA and NIBFA must lift the restrictions before we can even think about kicking a football again.

Unfortunately, the period from any announcement on Thursday evening to Monday morning gives us very little time to plan and prepare for the new guidelines which sadly leaves us with no choice but to slightly delay the return to training for all our teams. If the restrictions are lifted and we are cleared to return to training we will then plan and prepare for scheduled training sessions on the week commencing Monday 23rd November 2020.

The one week delay is on the basis that the restrictions are lifted this Friday, should the restrictions be extended then we will have to delay the return further.

I hope that this clears up any questions you may have, my inbox is busting with messages so hopefully this will be good news in the coming days and we can get the boys and girls back to training soon.


Jordan Moffett – Academy Chairman


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