We ask all parents to carefully read this before signing up: As a general rule we do not provide refunds of any sort. This includes refunds for cancelled classes due to poor weather conditions (snow/flooding), heavy traffic, unavailability of public transport, Instructors health (unable to teach due to sickness or injury), school cancelations, hall unavailability. In the exceedingly rare event of a class being cancelled students will be invited to a nearby class to catch up on the missed class.

If your child goes to an after-school club, we are governed by the school on hall availability and things like nativity preparation or parents evenings can mean a class is cancelled. We will not provide a refund for this. Instead we will either a) Try to hold the class in a smaller class room and prepare a class plan that is suitable such as a bully talk/presentation. b) Invite students to a local club for a free session either during term time or in one of our holiday classes. Unfortunately if the timing of the local clubs are not convenient for you we are still unable to offer a refund. Schools typically cancel 3-4 classes per year as other school events take priority in the hall. 

Please ensure you understand and agree to the above cancelation terms PRIOR to signing up.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions I agree that I fully understand and I’m happy with Academy rules regarding cancelled classes and refunds. I understand that refunds are not normally given