Coronavirus Information

With the resumption of grassroots football the following Risk Assessment should be noted and implemented as appropriate.

All JM Academy Coaches are too make their teams parents aware that no child, parent or guardian  should attend training or games should they display any COVID-19  related symptoms, or have tested positive for Covid-19 in the last two weeks or have a member of their household who has tested positive in the last two weeks  or displays Covid-19 symptoms.

The club recommends that the following actions are adopted to help minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19:

At training sessions or games our managers should remind players and spectators to observe social distancing where possible / appropriate.

No player not registered with the club via this website will be allowed to participate in any training session to allow us to contact all participants in case of a positive infection.

At training and games players should be encouraged to adopt an appropriate way of celebrating a goal in ways that avoid close contact.

Managers and coaches should ensure that bibs / balls / training equipment are sanitised before & after use and not shared between players.

Managers and coaches should encourage parents to ensure their child brings a clearly marked / personalised drinks bottle to avoid the accidental sharing between children.

JM Academy Head Coaches will send the following message to parents in advance of a training session.

“JM Academy request that you note the following which forms part of our Covid-19 Risk Assessment. Any visiting team member (child/coach/parent or guardian) that has either tested positive for COVID-19 I’m the last 2 weeks or currently displays any COVID-19 related symptoms should not attend any JM related training. When attending any venue booked by the club, parents & guardians should maintain social distancing where possible. Your help In this matter is greatly appreciated”.