A conversation between Stel Stalford and Jordan Moffett in late 2016 down at the University Grass Pitches was where the idea of a new youth football club came about, a few months on when all the club governance was in place Stel’s son Travis Stalford started to gather players to attend the very first JM Academy training session at Harpur’s Hill Cage on Monday 6th March 2017.
Since then we have seen an exceptional growth within the club and have created many community links throughout. We are proud to say that for the past THREE years we have successfully provided football opportunities for children ages between 4-17 years old, thats not bad from times where we had borrowed equipment from Harpur’s Hill Primary School, fast forward 3 years the club are to date providing football for just over 300+ players.
Our club runs football sessions 5 days a week Monday – Friday at either Score Football Centres or the Ulster University Grass Pitches and runs camps and matches at the weekend to keep the young people occupied. Both the Academy Leaders Jordan Moffett and James Boyd share the same coaching philosophy to provide football for all abilities, backgrounds, race and religion.
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