We like to celebrate children’s participation in activities at our clubs with appropriate images. We have some simple rules about taking images – photographs and videos, whether on film or digital – which are documented and available to you upon request. Any of our photographers taking photographs must have an up-to-date Access NI Check. Any pictures taken of your child are stored in a private and safe place. 
1.1: “By agreeing to these terms and conditions I give permission for the taking and/or publication of images of my child by the Academy photographer(s) in respect of the training. I am also happy for the Academy to interview my child and use their words. I understand that my child’s photo and words may be used in posters, videos, press, magazine, the internet, and other publications to show people what the academy does. I understand these will only be used by the JM Academy/its corporate partners’ and other organisations which support its work.”
1.2: By agreeing to these terms and conditions I confirm that my child is not subject to family, care or legal proceedings.
1.3: We prefer to use real names, but if you do NOT want us to, please email us at and let us know on enrolment of your son/daughter. By agreeing to these terms and conditions I confirm that I have notified Academy of any personal preference in the use of names/pictures.