JM Academy Youth Football Club – ‘Player of the Year’ vote open to all

JM Academy Youth Football Club is calling for parents, the public and club members to vote for their end-of-season Club Player of the Year. 2020 has been a real challenging year for everyone so the club have decided to run a annual POTY for the calendar year. JM Academy invited the nominations below from JM Team Managers, for players in any age group, who have excelled in any aspect of their football, including contribution to the game, fair play, helping others, support and commitment, as well as ability and performance.

Ben Craig U15s (2006s) 

Ben has been involved at the club since 2017. He has been absolutely outstanding on the pitch with powerhouse performances in both centre midfield, upfront and central defence, scoring some incredible long range goals game after game. Ben is a very versatile player who will play anywhere you put him without a moan or a grown he is a very important asset to the club, for the past 2 years he has been volunteering with the FNFC Programme the club has been running and is a credit to the club, his family and himself. 

Noah Kelly U15s (2006s)

Noah has been involved at the club since 2018! Noah has been a vital player on match days as he covers some amount of grand. He is always there to lend a hand and always is first to do extra training to get him upto speed with his fitness. Behind the fearless player is a very gentle, funny and extremely likable personality he is a credit to himself, the coaches, the club and himself. 

Adam Bustard U16s (2005s)

Adam is a  fearless player that will make every vital tackle and has on many occasions been like a brick wall to the opposition. He has matured so much over the last season and has become a delight to coach- getting the football part done but also helping to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for the lads.

Brooklyn Doherty U16s (2005s) 

Brooklyn started football quite late, he was straight into the team and  it was clear that he loved playing football and quickly settled into the group.  Brooklyn has been playing for two seasons now and has blossomed into a technical, hardworking footballer who is confident and is always looking to improve himself. He has got involved in coaching at the club. B

Max Stirling U12s (2009s)

Max is certainly a talented footballer, but he also shows incredible dedication and turns up to almost every training session. He has only missed one training session that I can recount in the last season/ Max has also often turned up to matches when she is not playing to support the team mates. Some opposition coaches and players have often commented over the years on his performances in goal keeper. 

Travis Toye U12s (2009s)

Travis has been a fantastic player for us over the past season, he always attends a training sessions and is forever encouraging his team mates. Travis this season has been handed the captains arm band for his efforts at training. He is a great kid with allot of potential.

Jake Millen U11s (2010s)

Jake has been playing up a year for the past 2 seasons, never looks out of place and always gives 100% into his performance. Jake is dedicated to training and even takes extra sessions to improve himself. He got a MOTM award for playing a couple of years up in a friendly match a few weeks ago.

Jonny Henderson U11s (2010s)

Jonny has been with the club since the start and always attends training with a smile. Jonny is a very good technical player who can find a pass, Jonny loves taking free kicks in which he scored a stunner against Coleraine a few months ago. We have seen him encourage players and never gives up!! 

Saul Vauls U9s (2012s)

Saul has been involved with JM Academy since the formation of the 2012 age group back in 2018. Saul is a great player who always gives 100% in everything he does. His encouragement towards his players is second to none and he is a credit to the club, himself and his family. 

Pattrick Drodz U9s (2012s) 

Pattrick has been involved with the Academy since day one. Under the new management he has adapted and moved position into the centre of the defence. Since then he was sparkled into great wee player who always gives 100& into everything the coaches ask. 

Rylee Stewart U7s (2014s) 

Rylee has been involved with the club since 2018 and has started to show progression on his footwork at FNFC! He is a tries his best in everything he does, always smiles and offers to pick up cones and help the coaches. 

Leo Johnston U7s (2014s)

Leo has been involved with the club since early 2020, he has progressed since day one. We are starting to see him come out of his shell and speak up in front of players when asked questions about the session. 

Poppy Sharkey U6s (2015s) 

Poppy has been involved in the club activities since early 2020, she always gives 100% into everything she goes! She mas made some new friends and is starting to talk out in groups.

Oisin Quinn U6s (2015s)

Oisin has been involved in the club since early 2020 has already shown us that he has lots of skill (the wee man can kick a ball). He always listens very well and gives 100% into everything. He always asks questions and lends a hand when asked to. 

Dalton Cole U5s (2016s) 

Dalton has been involved in FNFC for many months now and is the kind of person you always around the sessions. He helps the coaches set up, and tidy up, Dalton doesn’t stop talking lol which is a good thing as he answers almost every one of the football questions he is asked. 

James Morrison U5s (2016s)

James has always attended a session with a smile on his face, gives 100% into everything he does and always says please and thankyou. we love seeing James and everyone at the club making friends. 

Leonie McVey (Girls) 

Leonie has been involved in our Girls Programme for the past 2 years. She is slowly becoming a very versatile player who can play anywhere in the team. She hardly ever misses a session and always gives 100% into everything she does. 

Carly Henry (Girls) 

Carly has been involved with the club since 2018 and always attends a session, asks lots of questions and participates in everything.  She listens very well and always says please and thankyou.