Play Your Part!!

Parents and spectators have a great influence on childrens enjoyment and success in football. Children play football first and foremost because they love playing. JM Academy is dedicated to nurturing that enjoyment and enthusiasm for the game as a foundation for developing the skills and tactical abilities of each child.

We believe that taking part in club activities contributes to each child’s personal development and selfesteem. This is more important than winning football matches. All of our teams play to win, but not at any cost. It is important that children play games in the right spirit and in a supportive atmosphere which allows them to play to the best of their abilities.

In order to achieve this result we rely heavily on the parents and supporters who attend matches to behave in an appropriate manner and to give their support in the right way. We therefore require all parents and supporters who attend Mountfield Rovers Junior FC matches to read, understand, and sign a copy of this code of conduct, and to abide by it at all relevant times.

Parents and Spectators should:

1. Remember YOUR children are involved in the sport for their enjoyment and not yours
2. Respect all decisions made by club staff, coaches and officals (Remember that they are all VOLUNTEERS and give up time to provide  coaching for your child)
3. Encourage all members of the team by applauding good play (not just goals scored)

4. Show understanding when players make mistakes or if the team loses.

5. Be positive. Discuss performances in a constructive manner at an appropriate time. Focus on things the child did well. Don’t dwell on mistakes.

6. NOT shout out instructions to pass, shoot, etc. Leave it to the coaches.

7. Never use abusive language or behaviour to any player, including your own child.